The Doctor of Steel

New Age music is great for relaxation – a real cathartic to look forward to at the end of the day. It is fervent and sonorous, and especially appealing to those who favor smooth jazz, being neither harsh, nor obtrusive. For decades the sounds of the steel guitar have been only segmented frills and fills between the phrases of country music, stereotyped, and seldom heard in any other context. Today, however, a new and inventive style has been developed by a pioneer steel guitarist, Hugh Jeffreys. He takes the steel guitar to a higher level than anyone thought possible, using it within an orchestral setting with lush violin ensembles performing tasteful ballads, as well as up-tempo favorites. Top performers have labeled him the fastest jazz steel guitarist on the planet.  His album, The Doctor of Steel, makes unusual and eloquent use of the instrumental components of the orchestra and contains no vocal music. It’s all instrumental.

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The Doctor of Steel – Hugh Jeffreys